UnclePhil: NEW ALBUM

HELLO EVERYONE! UnclePhil has an all-new, big and bluesy album coming out on Monday 13 March.
Listening to all the tracks, it’s packed solid with great tunes and songs and every one of them sounds like a hit! Of course, we at GratisFool Records are biased with regard to our number one artist, but we think you will agree with us once you hear this album.

Nothing Borrowed, Everything Blue will be available to purchase as a download from Amazon, Apple, iTunes and more or less everywhere else. It will also be available to listen to on Spotify. You will also be able to purchase an actual CD directly from us through replying to this email, or by any other means you have of contacting UnclePhil! (This is our preferred option, because you then enjoy the beauty of the cover design and imbibe the detail and wit of the sleeve notes [and also, it’s the only way UnclePhil gets to earn any income from all his hard work])

As a taster to the album, here is a link to a YouTube video of the red-hot opening track Go To Hell: