Hey all! UnclePhil’s new EP, TRAVELLING HOME is now available to listen to on Spotify, or download from Amazon, or purchase as an actual CD (£5.00 all in) via contact through replying to this email, FB Messenger, carrier pigeon or any other method of communication that we have in common.

It features the Cajun-flavoured title track, plus ‘Cotton Through And Through’ a blues/ragtime acoustic guitar number about being from Lancashire; ‘Large Head George’ about my fictitious childhood (which is a follow-on to my Monster song of a few years back), and ‘Home’, a country-influenced reflective ballad on the nature of home and what it means to me and others.

I hope you like it!

And here’s the Spotify link for you https://open.spotify.com/album/5eEqInAoghlHlug1dmZYB8