THE AUFENTICS New artist! New Release.

We are proud to introduce to you the newest members of the GratisFool family, THE AUFENTICS, and have put together a sampler of their debut EP ‘TWENTY FOOT RIVER’, featuring 30-second clips of each of the four tracks: Strabismic Boogie, Steelin’ Your Heart Away Blues, Oh, Blow That Thing! and Twenty Foot River. We do hope you enjoy them and then order the CD from us! There is a link to the sampler’s Soundcloud file at the bottom of this message.

The Aufentics are:

  • Alec ‘Thumb’ Parnwell – vocals, keyboards, drums
  • Sitting Bill Murrow – vocals, drums, keyboards
  • Ronnie Chatteris – “Forty Foot” – bass, guitar, percussion
  • Martin ‘Lefty’ Warboys – vocals, guitar, dobro, harmonica, percussion
  • Big Finger Frank Thorney – guitar, lap steel, bass, percussion

A group of ex-farm workers, The Aufentics met through being outpatients at the Fenland Lost Limb Therapy Clinic, all five having survived agricultural accidents. Sharing a love of a wide variety of roots music, including blues, rockabilly, r&b and cajun, they traded influences and in some cases, re-learned their instruments in new ways to create an idiosyncratic approach to music-making. One example would be Alec and Sitting Bill’s teaming up to play the accordion, taking one side each. All the band are happy to try any new instrument that might add texture to their music.

A severely edited list of their influences and enthusiasms include Chicago blues (Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter), Memphis rockabilly (Sonny Burgess, The Rock’n’Roll Trio), 60s r&b (The Contours, Gary U.S. Bonds), string bands (The Memphis Jug Band, Milton Brown’s Musical Brownies) Louisiana Cajun and zydeco (D.L. Menard, Clifton Chenier), New Orleans r&b (Smiley Lewis, Alvin Robinson) and swamp pop (Tommy McClain, Johnnie Allen), along with early 60s surf and guitar instrumentals – these boys love a twangy guitar. They also love to mix-and-match any of the above, at any time, to create something unexpected.

This is a CD-only release, not being made available on any digital platform, which you can purchase via a reply to this email, via a Facebook message or any other mode of communication that we might share. the EP costs £4.00 plus £2.00 p&p, six pounds in total.

All the best from all of us!