PLACES – New EP from UnclePhil

Hello folks and supporters of UnclePhil.

His latest 4-track EP, PLACES will be released via GratisFool Records on Monday 26 April at 12:00 on Spotify and most other digital platforms to download and purchase should you wish so to do. You can also purchase the ‘actual’ disc directly from me for the princessly sum of £4.00 plus £2.00 p&p. Contact me via return email, Facebook Messenger or carrier pigeon if you want to buy in this format.

PLACES features four tracks, all new compositions: The Trope-O-Sphere; The Isle Of Man; Joe In The Future; The Unthank Road. They are (in turn) odd, sad, funny, gloomy. In other words, something for everyone!

For purchasers of the ‘actual’ disc, there is the usual bonus EP of an extra four  FREE tracks, all cover versions of old songs, each with a ‘Moon’ theme. They are: Carolina Moon (1924), Blue Moon Of Kentucky (1945), Sugar Moon (1947) and Shine On Harvest Moon (1908), all treated quite disrespectfully. As ever, these cover tracks are NOT available via any digital platform: they are CD-only artefacts. (I do not profit from these tracks, which is why they are free gifts, as I do not wish to deprive the songwriters of any royalties).