Exhibition: Typography – Portrait/Landscape

Typography: Portrait/Landscape
Works by Phil Gray and Rob Hillier

Private View: Monday 13 January 6 – 9pm
Exhibition: Continues until Friday 31 January 2014

Designers, we are told, solve other people’s problems, while artists solve their own. Over time, the graphic designer’s repeated process of interpreting desires and then transmitting them in an easily decodable form to a wider audience – making other people’s dreams a reality – may produce an accumulation of internal images which gains sufficient weight to insist upon an outward expression of its own, independent of any client.

It is then that the designer crosses that blurred divide between the universal and the personal, an engagement with the questions posed from within, a conversation with the self. In the work of Phil Gray and Rob Hillier we see two different expressions of this dialogue.

In his Typographic Portraits, Phil Gray pursues an underlying order within apparently unrelated pronouncements, fragmenting and realigning his photographic findings to expose new meanings and propose new connections.

In Rob Hillier’s List Landscapes his search is also for order, but one that is predominantly internal in its field of examination, a meticulous and clearly delineated tallying of a life – things seen, things done, places visited. All of Hillier’s works use exclusively his own typeface.