UnclePhil new release 8 November 2021

UnclePhil has a new 7-track mini-album, SHERRY BOX SPECIAL, released on GratisFool Records on Monday 8 November.
This is an unusual release in that it is a collection of ‘field recordings’, purely instrumental, exploring the wonderfulness of UnclePhil’s self-built ‘Sherry Box Special’ guitar. All seven tracks were recorded onto his phone, with only minimal digital processing thereafter, and some of them have accidental sonic additions, such as the radio on in the next room, the back garden water feature and next door’s chickens.
It will be available to download from Amazon and all the other digital providers, as well as to listen to on Spotify. Those of you who prefer an actual CD may purchase one direct from us, via UnclePhil, at the giveaway price of £5.00 plus £2.00 p&p. This can be facilitated via return email or exchange of blood samples/everlasting and unbreakable vows etc.
We have attached a link to a Sneak Peek – a SoundCloud track featuring short extracts from all the tracks, plus a voiceover from U.P. himself – at the bottom of this email, so that you can bask in the sound quality that an ancient iPhone can produce.
Thank you for reading!
Your friends at GratisFool Records.