GratisFool Records are very pleased to announce the release of a new four-track EP from UnclePhil, ANIMALES DOS! This will be a digital-only release, available via Amazon, iTunes and various other providers, and accessible via Spotify. It is a belated follow-up to his wildly successful ‘Animals’ EP of 2016.

The songs included are:
Swinging’ Free (The Great Ape Song)
Rocinante (The Song Of Don Quixote’s Horse)
Horsey Seals Sing The Blues
The Memphis Cat

However, for those of you who would care to own AN ACTUAL CD, there is a bonus! For the price of a single EP we will include an entirely free EP called HANK. This consists of four covers of lesser-known songs from Hank Williams’ canon, performed in ways which Hank would not have thought of doing, to awkwardly misquote Waylon Jennings. This is the only version in which the HANK songs will be released: there will be no digital equivalent available.

The Hank songs featured are: 

    I’d Still Want You

    Lost On The River

    My Sweet Love Ain’t Around

    Ready To Go Home

The CD (including the Bonus EP, eight tracks in all) is available direct from UnclePhil by return email, via Facebook message, or by leaving a request on the website: https://philgray.info/contact/   The price will be £4.00 plus £2.00 p&p. A bargain, as I am sure you will agree.

Here is the Amazon link (Animales Dos! EP only): 


Here is the Apple Music link (Animales Dos! EP only):


Here is the iTunes link (Animales Dos! EP only):


Here is the Spotify link to listen to the Animales Dos! EP only:

Thank you for reading: we hope that you enjoy this new EP and that you will continue to engage in your relationship with our artist and the label. Happy listening!