UnclePhil: New album — DARK DAYS

GratisFool Records are very pleased to announce the release on Monday 6 April of a new five-track EP from UnclePhilDARK DAYS. This will be a digital-only release, available via Amazon, iTunes and various other providers, and accessible via Spotify. It is a group of songs that were part of the development and recording of UP’s next album, due in summer 2020, to be titled MOSTLY. These five songs shared some aspects of darkness, whether fear, pain, war, abuse, murder or accidents of the very worst kind, so they naturally congregated together in this release.

The songs are: 

  • The God Of Edges
  • Lick Of Paint
  • This Was The Hand I Was Dealt
  • Pain All Over
  • Requiem For The Busby Babes

However, for those of you who would care to own AN ACTUAL CD, there is a bonus! For the price of a single EP we will include an ABSOLUTELY FREE EP called EARLY 60s R&B. This consists of four covers of hit R&B songs from 1960-64, performed in alternative styles to the originals. This is the only accessible version in which the EARLY 60s R&B songs will be released: there will be no digital equivalent available.

The four songs featured are: 

    Sweets For My Sweet (originally recorded by The Drifters)

    Where Did Our Love Go? (The Supremes)

    If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody (James Ray)

    Baby, It’s You (The Shirelles)

Except for The Supremes, all of these were bigger hits in the hands of other bands, (The Searchers, Freddie and The Dreamers, The Beatles). The CD (including the Bonus EP, nine tracks in all) is available direct from UnclePhil by return email. The price will be £4.00 plus £2.00 p&p. A bargain, as I am sure you will agree.

Here is the YouTube link to a video for ‘Pain All Over’, track four of DARK DAYS:


Thank you for reading this far: we hope that you enjoy this new EP and that you will continue to engage in your relationship with our artist and the label. Happy listening!