Nothing Borrowed, Everything Blue – new video

Hello Supporters of UnclePhil

This is to connect you with the latest video of a track, Like Venice,  from UnclePhil’s upcoming album Nothing Borrowed, Everything Blue, out on Monday 13 March on GratisFool Records.

UnclePhil decided that for this album he would play to his strengths (and his first love), so we have an album that is mainly full of the blues. And this track is no exception, despite it being about his favourite city, Venice, and featuring none of the usual blues tropes (but that is his way…)
A simple double bass and brushed drums backing, with a string section and an octave mandolin (like a mandolin but twice as long) are the only instruments. We hope you enjoy it.

The album will be available to download from Amazon, iTunes and virtually every other digital vendor. It will also be available for you to listen to on Spotify. Links for these will be sent nearer the release date. If you wish to purchase an actual CD (our favourite medium, as it is the one that has design work and liner notes by the artist, [and crucially, the only medium by which the artist makes any money whatsoever]), you can simply make contact by replying to this email. We have struggled to keep our prices down, so the album will cost £8.00, plus £2.00 p&p: a nice round tenner, as has been the case since we started in 2017.

Keep in touch!

UnclePhil and all at GratisFool